Kuna paar nädalat tagasi ütles mu vana telefon üles, siis ostsin uue, mis võimaldab ühtlasi ka instagarami kasutada. Seega võite mind nüüd ka sealt leiada - haly005.

Few weeks ago my old phone broke, so I bought new one, which let me use instagram as well. So now you can find me there too - haly005

Proovisin ise šokolaadicrossainte teha.
I tried to bake chocolate croissants.
Tutipäev :D
I don't know how to call this day in English, but it's the last official school day for school-leavers, when they dress up like children.
Tegin jälle toorjuustukooki.
I baked cream cheese cake.
Meil oli jälle palju kohukesi.
We had a lot of  curd snack. I now that a lot of countries don't have these, so it's sweet snack made from curd.

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