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Viimasel ajal olen pigem instagramis aktiivsem olnud kui siin, sest no miskipärast ei jõua ma väga arvuti taha. Või kui ma õhtul siiski ehk saan mahti arvuti avatud, siis ma olen piisavalt väsinud olnud, et lihtsalt niisama olla ja sarju vaadata. Seega näitangi teile siin ka mõningaid pilte, mida ehk osad teist mu instagrami kontol näinud on või kui ei ole, siis ju seda parem. 

Lately I have been more active on istagram, I just somehow don't open my computer that often anymore. Or if I do I'm just too tired and better watch some good tv shows. So I decided to make one uptdate here with these photos as well. Some of yoy maybe have seen these on my account, but if you haven't then it's even better. 

One really delicous birthday cake / Every spirng must be picture with cherry blossom/ Trying out my new easy waves

My very first swim(dance)suit - all by me/  Met Gala favorites in progress/ Met gala favorites getting some colour

An amazing sunset while walking home from work / Erki fashion show 2015 / BBQ with marshmallows

Some delicous homemade salad / Amazing jewelry by Janika Mägi / Got new haircut - much shorter now.

And my two buddies one from Tallinn, otherone back at home in Tori.

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